August 25, 2019

As the University continues to expand globally, the need for IOL arose. The IOL began operations as “International Office” in October 2007 with fourteen (14) international students In 2008, it changed nomenclature to ‘International Students Office” and months later, it became ‘International Students Services”. The expanding scope and operations of the Centre compelled yet again a change to its present name “International Office and Linkages”.

The University has put in a lot to drive a visible presence on the local and international scene via the establishment of networks and partnership across different universities. At the moment, the University has established multiple linkages with Universities around the world. The IOL directs all programs of the University in the areas of global community service, institution building, and networking.

The role of the IOL is to lead the development of internationalization at Covenant University by acting as the central coordinator and facilitator of all internationally related initiatives and activities. The International Office & Linkages is tasked to promote, facilitate, and assess programs of international collaboration between Covenant University and renowned institutions.

This Collaboration can be achieved in several ways:

  • Faculty or student exchange.
  • Exchange of materials.
  • Research participation and involvement.
  • Shared conference planning are only some of the possibilities.