August 22, 2019


There should be short comments on people’s experience in the Chaplaincy.

The Chaplaincy is headed spiritually by the Chancellor of the University, Dr. David Oyedepo. The University Chaplain carries out the day to day administrative tasks of the Department alongside his spiritual duties. The Chaplaincy has a student arm headed by two (2) Student Chaplains, one male and one female each of them has an assistant.

Service Units in the Chaplaincy

  1. Contemporary Choir
  2. Classical Choir
  3. Ushering Unit
  4. Hospitality Unit
  5. Technical Unit
  6. Covenant University Theatre Group (CUTG)
  7. Reflections Dance Group
  8. Attendance Unit
  9. Evangelism Team
  10. Prayer Force
  11. Sanctuary Keepers
  12. Decoration Unit
  13. Communion Stewards
  14. Word Study Unit.


The Functions of the Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy renders spiritual services to faculty, staff and students of the University as follows:

Programmes include

  • Covenant Hour of Prayer

The program is to ensure that students’ stays on fire on the prayer alter. The Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30am-6:30am is for 300 – 500 level students while the Tuesday and Friday is for 100 – 200 level students.

  • Sunday Morning Worship Services

There were two services for all the students which they attend on Hall basis. Five Halls attend the first service (7:00–9:30am) while the remaining five Halls attend the second service (10:00am– 12:30pm). Attendance is mandatory.

  • Mid-Week Chapel Services

The Mid-week Chapel program is to ensure that staff and students stay on fire during the week. The Tuesday Chapel service at 8:00am is for staff and 300 – 500 level students while the Thursday Chapel service at 8:00am is for staff and 100 & 200 level students.

  • Week of Spiritual Emphasis

This programme is organized once a session in the Omega semester. This a 3-day spiritual program of Word teachings, prayers ministrations and impartation. This programme is for both staff and students.

  • Cell Fellowship

The Wednesday Cell Fellowship has been a great time of refreshing for all the students. The programme is coordinated by the students themselves and the testimonies from the various locations across the Halls of Residence have been heartwarming.

  • The Hebron Bible Foundation (HBF)

As part of efforts to enhance the spiritual life of our students, the Student’s Chaplaincy initiated a mini Bible School called Hebron Bible Foundation and makes it a prerequisite for becoming a member of any of the Chapel service Units. HBF has imparted greatly on those who have attended till date.

  • Prayer/Evangelism Conferences

The Prayer/Evangelism Units also coordinate special prayer conferences which are times of corporate prayers and word impartation for staff and students alike.

  • Specialized Hall Prayer Conferences

These are special prayer meetings that hold on a Hall to Hall basis once or bi-weekly.

  • Hour of Destiny

A time of corporate daily prayer lasting one (1) hour when each student, as they have opportunity to attend, is left alone to pray for the University, their families, academics etc.

  • School of Champions

A time of leadership training and this holds once or twice a month on Saturdays from 7-8.30am