August 22, 2019


The library is the heart and life-line of any citadel of learning. The quality of teaching, learning and research is predicated on the robustness of the availability, accessibility and utilisation of library and information resources.

The library in Covenant University is known as “Centre for Learning Resources” (CLR). The Covenant University library has fully computerised all routine activities and can boast of a functional virtual library service, which gives staff and students, access to the Web Public Access Catalogue (Web PAC), and other electronic resources from offices, departments wherever there is a web browser anywhere in the globe and anytime.

The library complex is an edifice with three floors, reputed to be one of the largest in Africa. The total floor area of the complex is 11,300m/2. It is designed as an imposing glass structure, which portrays learning as the major activity in the University. It is strategically located amidst the college buildings, the University Chapel and the Halls of Residence. It is able to accommodate up to 3000 readers and about 500 researching staff and postgraduate students.


The e-library of the CLR is poised to dispel and shatter every form of academic and research darkness, by way of providing adequate, relevant and timely information to every of its users to put them at the cutting edge in their various areas of interests. The CLR information resources, including the Online Public Access Catalogue is accessible from the comfort of staff offices and home 24/7 through the Covenant University website.

The multi-media section of the CLR with state-of-the-art ICT facilities makes the academic and research works of the users a pleasurable experience. To facilitate the operations of the CLR, a new internet server has been acquired and it is running twenty four hours of the day. A DSTV with television and video playing/recording machines in designated points of the multimedia section provide a delightful viewing for users. There is also Compact Disk (CD) and Video Compact Disk (VCD) players for use by those who may desire to make use of the centre’s audio visual information resources.

Among the services the users of the Centre for Learning Resources stand to enjoy are: computer literacy, internet literacy, information literacy, e-resources, literature search, bibliographic instruction, citation styles, library searching, educational video/documentary resources, selective dissemination of information, virtual access, on-line public access catalogue to mention but a few. The Centre for Learning Resources has made arrangement for periodic training programmes for users on the above listed areas. In addition, there are training opportunities for interested users who may not want to wait for the periodic training programme put in place by the centre.
We encourage the users to take advantage of the myriad of resources in the centre in their quest for advancement and excellence in various fields

Counseling Centre

We help individuals who are dealing with everyday problems related to emotional, relationships, academic, as well as individuals with more serious concerns.

The Counseling Center is here to assist you understand possible roots of your problem, work with you to explore possible solutions or coping strategies or taking responsibility for your personal and academic growth. We believe that you will have more productive and meaningful life and greater academic success if you pay attention to your emotional, relationships and academic goals, your needs and feelings, your relationships with others, and your academic skills.

CUCC exist for the purpose of providing brief counseling and preventative services for Covenant University (CU) community of students, employees and their families. Our mission is to provide wellness, supportive and preventative services.