August 25, 2019


The Ultra-Modern Sports complex of the University which is already in full use by faculty, staff and students; has facilities for intra – mural sport activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, racket games, swimming and athletics.

The students also have recreational activities organized in other areas like Cultural/Variety Shows, College Weeks, Telecast and Watching Of Sports’ Tournaments, etc.

The compulsory weekly physical fitness jogging exercise for every Covenant University student is also in place.

Various University teams are available in the following sports:

(a) Football (male and female)

(b) Basketball (male and female)

(c) Volleyball (male and female)

(d) Handball (male and female)

(e) Hockey (male and female

(f) Cricket

(g) Badminton (male and female)

(h) Tennis and Table Tennis (male and female)

(i) Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble.