March 24, 2019


I have recently arrived from Zambia to study Chemical Engineering at Covenant University. Although I am getting used to the Nigerian accent I must say that lecturers have been very patient and understanding and I have really enjoyed being part of their classes.

My impression of the University is that it is disciplined and time conscious, which I believe is a very good thing as it helps students to remain focused and to keep sight of their goal. I have found the lecturers to be very up-beat and their approach to teaching makes it easy to understand the subject matter. They have a very positive attitude and this has made me feel free to approach them for assistance. I enjoy the safety and quietness of the campus. In the evenings my friends and I like going to the cafeteria to eat some of the native foods. I also enjoy Saturdays as we get to watch the soccer in the cafeteria on the big screen.

My ambition is to become a chemical engineer and to change the face of engineering in Zambia by developing more industries that produce recyclable materials. I believe that “going green” is a significant step forward for Zambia. I would also like to see Zambia reduce its rate of importation by producing its own products. I believe Covenant University is the best university to prepare me for my future as it endevours to raise a new generation of leaders that will instigate change in their sphere of influence.

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