March 24, 2019


I first heard about Covenant University at Winners Chapel in Zambia. There were many positive remarks I heard about it; that is one of the best universities in West Africa, there were no unnecessary closures, it has high standards and it is owned by a Christian.

When I arrived, the first thing that struck me about Covenant University was the beautiful structures and surroundings. It is quiet and peaceful and conducive to learning.

Another thing I appreciate about CU is the industry exposure the University gives students through its various programmes and partnerships. It increases my confidence in securing a position in Nigeria when I complete my degree.

Academically, I was impressed with the wide range of courses under my programme. It means there will be a variety of new things in which I will learn. I have enjoyed the spiritual aspect of the University, especially the Covenant Hour of Prayer. I believe it has really boosted my prayer life.

Ultimately, my dream is to be an economist working particularly in the areas of investment, trade and e-economics.

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