August 19, 2019

The information in this section is for Covenant University International Students, Scholars and their family members who plan to travel inside and outside the country during their time at Covenant. Traveling outside Nigeria generally requires planning in advance. It is important that you know what documents you are required to have for re-entry to Nigeria.

Things required include:

  • visa document
  • passport
  • financial documentation

Be sure Please do not enter Nigeria in tourist visa status unless you are coming to Nigeria for tourism only. Individuals in tourist visa status are not permitted to enroll in full-time study in Nigeria educational institutions.

Initial Expenses

You should plan to arrive with enough money to meet the initial expenses of your first weeks in Nigeria. It is most times advisable to have a card that works outside the country you reside or an account in order to have easy access to cash when needed.

Customs and Baggage

Inquire at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country for information about customs regulations for visitors to Nigeria. This information may prevent unnecessary expenses. You should try to bring your belongings with you because the University cannot store baggage sent ahead. You may ask your department or school if someone is able to accept your baggage, but it is usually not possible to do so. Please do not send packages or baggage to the Covenant International Office since we do not have storage space. Once you have a Nigeria residential address, personal effects and packages under a certain weight may be mailed to you by international parcel post. Consult your local post office for details.

Medical Records

All full-time students must show their complete immunization records in order to register for classes. Records of your children’s immunizations are also required before they may enroll in public schools in Nigeria. Please review the current immunization requirements. Be sure to bring copies of your medical records translated into English and those of any accompanying family members with you to Nigeria.

Arriving in Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos

A personnel and a driver will be assign to pick you at the Airport if your notice of arrival is sent early.

But if your notice is late, you may take a taxi from Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. The cost to Covenant University in Ota, Ogun state is approximately ₦4,000 – ₦5,000.

If you have problems or questions upon arrival at the airport, go to the Public Information Booths in any of the terminals at Muritala Mohammed International Airport and call the University contact person you have been communicating with before you depart your country.

Special Travel Notice

In general, most international students and scholars at Covenant will need the following in order to return to the United States:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid Nigeria visa stamp (except for ECOWAS countries citizens)
  • Valid immigration document
  • Valid CERPAC card – there should be link on the CERPAC that will take the viewer to a separate page explaining CERPAC

International Travel

When traveling to a country that is not your own, you need to confirm the entry visa requirements for that country. Please contact the embassy or consulate of the particular country you plan to visit for detailed information on what you need to do to apply for an entry visa should you need one.

For reentry to Nigeria, you will need a valid passport, a valid Nigeria visa, and a valid visa document such as the Form IMM22 and IMMA21. It is not possible to apply for or renew non-immigrant visas inside Nigeria. Please see below.


You must have a passport that is valid for entry and reentry into Nigeria for six months or more into the future at any given time.

  1. Check your passport to make sure that the Immigration officer has put an entry stamp indicating that you entered on a certain date, in a certain visa status, e.g. STR, and can stay until a certain date. In case of Subject To Regularize (STR) visa, Regularization must be done by the holder before 3 (three) expiration.

Visa Documents

Visa documents include the Form IMM22 and Form IMM21. For specific information go back to Nigeria immigration service website and click on your visa type. A visa document certifies the length of stay for international students, scholars and their family members and it indicates an individual’s visa status. A visa document must be valid at all times.

Travel Signatures

International students and scholars must plan for international travel by first reviewing their immigration documents. In general, most international students and scholars at Covenant will need the following in order to return to Nigeria:

  • Valid passport
  • Application letter from the employer requesting Regularization of stay and accepting Immigration Responsibility (IR)on behalf of the expatriate
  • Letter of Appointment/Employment/Admission
  • Acceptance of offer of Appointment/Employment
  • Form IMM22with three (3) Passport –size photograph
  • Quota Approval
  • Vetted Credentials
  • Valid Passport with STR(Subject to Regularization) (Employment) visa and photocopies of relevant pages

Transit through a Third Country

Please be aware that many countries do not allow visitors to transit through their countries unless they have an entry visa, a transit visa, or meet specific requirements. Before arranging travel that would require transit through a country that is not your home country, review that country’s visa policies and/or ask your travel agent.

Renewing a Visa

Contact Nigeria Immigration website