August 25, 2019

On October 21st, 2002, Covenant University opened. Covenant University is located in Canaanland Ota, Ogun State. It is a University, founded on a Christian mission ethos. Our mission is to develop the man who will in turn develop the man, who will in turn develop his world.

Covenant University is a Royal Academy birthed on the platform of a compelling vision to raise a new generation of leaders. It is a birth place of Kings and Queens. Our campus is ultra-modern, serene and secure with luscious lawns and beautiful gardens.

Welcome international students and scholars. As you prepare to come to Covenant University we hope that the following information will help ease your transition in to Covenant University system. Please take some time to review the information offered on this website, it provides critical information and helpful guidance to prepare you for your next step in preparing to come to Covenant University.

Our Core Values

Our leadership thrust is built on covenant values which we refer to as our core values.

  1. Spirituality

This refers to instilling the fear of God into the life of men and women in the University particularly our core product; the students. It is an understanding that no one can have genuine feeling for men without the fear of God. This is why the fear of God is a fundamental requirement for effective leadership.

We also believe that the fear of God is fundamental to a successful career in leadership, since our vision and mission is to raise a new generation of leaders, which is considered the greatest need of this generation, particularly in our part of the world. The fear of God remains the non-negotiable factor in the pursuit of our mandate.

  1. Possibility Mentality

We at Covenant University believe that a person mental picture is what defines their future. Our mission is instill a sense of royalty and dignity into our students so that they can dream big and begins to develop a royal attitude, cultivate royal habits and form royal character so as to fulfill the Covenant University dream of raising a new generation of leaders.

  1. Capacity Building

Capacity Building at Covenant University centres around the process of developing skills, abilities, processes and resources in order for our students to thrive in a fast-changing world. While spirituality and mentality positions man for leadership, it is capacity that enables him to deliver.
Capacity Building in this context can be defined as possessing the ability to deliver a given task. This is why Covenant University will remain committed to academic excellence and continue to drive our students through the crucible of personal development in pursuit of their individual dreams. It is skill that turns trash into treasure. Our mission is to inculcate an untiring quest for capacity building, enhancement of professional capabilities and personal development into our students.

  1. Integrity

At CU we strive to be honest and fair in all we do. We expect students to set integrity as the standard for everything they do. We also encourage them to accept responsibility and be accountable for their actions.
Someone once said, “People hear what you say, but they will only end up doing what you do”. Leadership by example therefore is the greatest need of our time. Until you can boldly say “follow me” you are not qualify to lead. This takes hard work, not of flesh and blood, not of strength and vigour, but of heart and conscience. It is working on oneself to be worthy of one vocation.

  1. Responsibility- We are committed to inculcating a sense of responsibility to our students. We expect them to respond to issues promptly. We believe in the value of self- discipline for effective leadership. Here at Covenant University, our students are not permitted to do what they like but they are compel to do what is right at all times.
  2. Diligence

At Covenant University, we believe diligence is a student’s ability to be resourceful and to persevere despite challenges. It is an understanding of what takes priority and it includes honouring commitments to the best of your ability. Diligence plays a vital role in helping students reach their dreams. Nothing enhances worth like work. Every high flyer is known to be a hard worker. Every leader is a worker and every committed worker is a potential leader.
Here at Covenant University, we believe in the dignity of labour. We extol the servant-leadership philosophy. We believe that commitment is the greatest qualifier for attainment. We believe that no one is committed to lead without taking the lead. And we believe that taking the lead demands that one goes the extra mile. This is why hard work is one of our celebrated core values. We expect all our students to be hard workers, tireless workers and creative workers.

  1. Sacrifice

At Covenant University, we acknowledge that many students and parents make enormous sacrifices in order to study at Covenant University. We believe that the immediate sacrifices students make throughout their education will lead to future gains. Sacrifice in our view, is going the extra mile, paying the extra price, pushing beyond your limits and giving it all it takes. Many great leaders throughout history have a story rooted in sacrifice. The core values when fully realized by faculty, staff and students, shall provide a valuable and effective process that fosters growth and change.



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