Summer 2020: Opportunity to Immerse yourself in Silicon Valley Bootcamp, California

In an age defined by high-speed interconnectivity, the world has indeed become a global village. More so, much continues to happen, driven by the evolutionary nature of Information Technology (IT). Therefore, no discipline today will function efficiently and effectively without harnessing the potentials inherent in IT. Consequently, exposing college students to an environment that is characterized by innovation and IT at its best, will go a long way in unlocking the latent potentials in every participant.

The employability of Covenant University graduates will be enhanced especially with the current technology skill gap between the classroom and the industry participate in a lifetime opportunity of touring the reputable facilities of international players such as Google, Facebook, Apple, 42 Silicon Valley, Oracle, and Tesla as well as engage their world-class engineers and experts who have been assembled from all continents of the world in practical discussions and questionings about industry-based challenges and opportunities, will be more than rewarding.

Benefits to Students

  1. This exposure will enhance the employability of graduates, by helping them come in direct contact with the kind of technologies driving the business and corporate space today, as well as global best
  2. It will serve as an enabler for those who have the intention of creating their own start-ups. The Silicon Valley space is replete with start-ups capable of inspiring aspiring youngsters to create
  3. Introducing Fifth Generation Computing: this paradigm is what defines the computing world today and is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI as a field is cost-intensive and no school in Nigeria is yet to significantly invest in this This limits the classroom experience of the students by a great deal. Trips to AI-driven giants like Google and Facebook will be invaluable and will help entrench most of what the students have been exposed to in class. There is a rich vein of AI applications in several workplaces located in Silicon Valley and the students get immersed in all of it.
  4. The Imminent Emergence of 5G as a Communication Standard as well as the Internet of Things (IoT): the emergence of fifth-generation computing has brought about new thinking in terms of re-engineering the current communication platform, in order to support high throughput as well as high-speed wireless Internet Whereas 4G is yet to become pervasive here in Nigeria, the western world is already projecting the year 2020 for the official launch of 5G and some of the companies we plan to visit are at the forefront of research in this area such as Cisco Systems.
  5. The Extinction of Traditional Programming and Projected Dominance of Intelligent Programming: because most of the multinational companies have already churned out products which were built using intelligent programming, an interface with such experts in live environments will further entrench high-level professional values in the minds of the students and enhance the development of global.
  6. Interaction with the Stanford University ecosystem: as is often said, no man is a Hence, interaction with the Stanford environment is capable of “lighting some bulbs” in the mind of the students. Stanford is a very famous research institution, situated right at the heart of Silicon Valley. A sizeable number of alumni from Stanford are responsible for the birth of some of the tech startups and companies of repute. Notable among them are Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google; Elon Musk – Tesla; Evan Spiegel – Snap Inc.
  7. More so, several countries that have now ceased to be referred to as third world countries achieved this through Most of them engaged in the exposure of their students to technological advances in the United States and Western Europe. The likes of China, Malaysia, Brazil, and India fall into this category. Today Nigeria depends on some of these countries to solve IT needs. Therefore, giving college students this level of global exposure to choice destinations in Silicon Valley, will both project institutional brand and add finesse in terms of the quality and exposure of participating students.
  8. Lastly, this location is unique because of the density of startups and innovation happening in this About 30% of all startups in the world are in Silicon Valley. The ecosystem of Venture Capitals and Angel Investors, Incubators and Accelerators, educational institutions and mentors, is nowhere near to what can be found here when compared to the rest of the world. No wonder the state of California boasts of an economy that is worth that of France, with Silicon Valley as a major contributor to the wealth of the state.

In view of the foregoing, a six-week academic field trip to Silicon Valley, California in the United States of America has been designed and is being proposed for college students at Covenant University. More so, at the end of the exercise, a certificate of participation will be given to each participant.

Proposed Execution Timeline: Monday, June 22 to Sunday, August 2, 2020

The academic trip will be executed in two phases:

  1. The Tours (June 23 – July 5): spanning nearly two weeks. During this time, the students will be lodged at the hotel and breakfast will be daily catered A minimum of 12 companies will be visited.
  2. The Bootcamp (July 6 – July 31): spanning four During this time, the students will be lodged at the 42 Silicon Valley Hostel Accommodation which is free and offered on a first-come-first-served basis. During this second phase at 42, all meals will be fully catered for by the participating students. A meal at 42 is not more than $6. An estimate of an extra $500 should be budgeted by each student for meals during their entire stay at 42.

The deadline for the indication of interest is January 31. Complete the form with the link below and expect more information from the International Office.

To apply, click here