Ayemere Shield

I joined Covenant University after having lived a number of years in the US. However, I spent my childhood in Nigeria, my father decided to send me to the US to continue my schooling at the end of the primary five. The education system is quite different there and as a result, I had completed my high schooling by the time I was 17, graduating as the youngest in my class.   I then began studying Computer Science at a university in the US. This was a season in my life where I was trying to work out my strengths and what I really wanted to do. After the second year of the course, however, I realized that Computer Science was not my passion. I returned to Nigeria to reconnect with my homeland and it was during this time that I decided to enroll at Covenant University in the Accounting program.

I must say that CU has had a significant impact on my life. It has re-focused me and inspired me to dream bigger dreams for myself. I now aspire to be a 5.0GPA student, which is something I had lost sight of in the US.

At CU I have a peer group who are committed to their studies. They have been a source of motivation and inspiration to me and they provide a bit of friendly competition. We also encourage each other to make our parents and ourselves proud by taking advantage of the opportunity placed before us.