Faculty and Staff Services

 Visa Sponsorship Policy for Scholars (Professors / Researchers)

We do not provide visa sponsorship for academic professionals and researchers. Experts are expected to finance visa processing if offered a research program or appointment at Covenant University. Contact international office and linkages for more clarification: diol@covenantuniversity.edu.ng


 Preparing for your Visa and Travels

Once you have your visa and ready to travel to Nigeria for the first time, you need to be conversant with the following documents as a student:
o Certificate of In-cooperation
o Credential of Expatriates
o Valid passport of Expatriates
o Three passport photographs
o Letter from host institution accepting immigration responsibilities
o A valid quota of institution
o Previous CERPAC of Expatriates from previous employment
o Letter of no objection from the previous employer
o Resignation letter from the previous employer.
o Acceptance of employment from Expatriates
o Employment letter.