Summer Study Visit to Silicon Valley, California USA.

Summer Study Visit to Silicon Valley, California USA.

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The summer study visit to Silicon Valley provides Covenant students an opportunity to interact and tour facilities of reputable international players including Google, Facebook, Apple, 42 Silicon Valley, Oracle, and Tesla for two weeks.

Covenant students and world-class engineers/experts will engage in discussions and questions bordering on practical industry-based challenges and opportunities. From weeks 3 – 6, participants will have practical opportunities to confront and proffer possible solutions to challenges in the AI space.

Available slots: 30
Travel Timeline: Friday, July 24th- Sunday, September 6th, 2020
Cost: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Payment Structure: full or three equal installments are acceptable.
1st Installment (March 1st 2020)
2nd Installment (March 25th 2020)
3rd Installment (April 25th 2020)
The cost covers visa processing, return flight ticket, accommodation, transportation, health insurance and breakfasts for two weeks.

The academic phases of the Silicon Valley trip:

  1. The Tours (July 24th– August 9th ): During this period students will visit minimum 12 companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, 42 Silicon Valley, Oracle, and Tesla. Breakfast during this phase is free.
  2. The Boot camp (August 9th – Sept. 6th): Spans four weeks. At this time, students will lodge at the 42 Silicon Valley hostel accommodation.

Students will cater for all meals. Your child/ward will need an extra $500 for meals at 42. Kindly include it in your budget. A meal at 42 is at most $6.

Benefits to Students

  • Trips to AI-driven giants like Google and Facebook provide invaluable insights to what students learn in class. Students get immersed in the rich vein of AI applications operating in and from Silicon Valley
  • The boot camp is an opportunity to interact with Stanford University ecosystem including those created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google; Elon Musk – Tesla; Evan Spiegel – Snap Inc.
  • The exposure enhances the employability of graduates since the companies on the schedule are at the forefront of research in the 5G technology.
  • About 30% of all startups in the world are in Silicon Valley. The trip serves as an enabler for those who have the intention to create start-ups. The Silicon Valley space is replete with start-ups capable of inspiring youths to create wealth.
  • The interface with SV experts in live environments will drive high-level professional values in the minds of the participant and enhance the expansion of their global mindsets.

Each participant gets a Certificate of Participation

For further enquiry visit International Office.