Student Services


  • Applying to Covenant University: 

    Welcome to the Covenant University International office and linkages. We are delighted to furnish you with information that will assist you in achieving your goal to study at Covenant University, the birthplace of Kings and Queens. Please visit the Admissions office for more details.

  • International Student Guide: 

    Congratulations on your admission to Covenant University where kings and queens are raised. The following guide would be helpful in informing yourself on the culture and academic life at Covenant University. As you prepare to come to Covenant University, we are hopeful you take your time to explore the guides which are listed below to acquire certain information that would ease your transition in Covenant University.


    • Preparing for your Visa and Travel
      Once you have your visa and ready to travel to Nigeria for the first time, you need to be conversant with the following documents as a student:
      o Subject to Regularization(STR)
      o Student Visa
      o Three copies of the following documents:
      i. Admission letter
      ii. Form 1mm 22
      iii. Letter of Acceptance of admission
      iv. (3) passport photograph
      v. Standard passport of students
      vi. Birth certificate
      vii. Evidence of school fees payment
      viii. Letter from Dean Student Affairs accepting immigration responsibilities(IR)
    • University Culture
      Covenant University is a world-class university, founded on a Christian mission philosophy and dedicated to pioneering excellence at the cutting edge of learning. The institution is driven by the gripping vision of raising a new generation of leaders for the African Continent on the platform of a Holistic Human Development and integrated learning curriculum, in order to raise Total Men who will go out to develop their world.
      The university has its unique standards of operation for Faculty, Staffs, and students. As a Christian university, the university’s in line with God’s standard as we inculcate spirituality into our students and staff. Our Core-Values of Spirituality, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice are what defines our commitment to excellence.
      Our dress code for working and academics hours for Faculty, staff, and students respectively are strictly co-operate style of dressing.


  • International Student Resources 

    • International Student Advisory Service
      Our international student Advisory body is here to aid you with transitioning to life in Covenant University and with personal matters during your stay in Covenant University. Need information about banking, University rules, and policies, dealing with the environment, classmates and lecturers? Our advisors are ready to provide you with the information you need. They can also provide you with immigration regulations as they relate to your studies in Nigeria. Contact the international student advisory service body at
    • Finance/Funding
      A university education is an investment and it is paramount for you to have an understanding of the financial resources needed for the duration of your studies to ensure a successful academic experience.
      i. Awards and Scholarships
      In aiding and supporting finance, awards and scholarships are given to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students can also be beneficiaries of international awards and scholarships as opportunities would be announced. There are two entrance scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students: David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) and Jim Ovia Scholarship. For the graduate students, the Faculty would inform you if you qualify for an International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship at the time of admission.
      ii. Work-study.
      The work-study program is a platform that makes students work and study during their stay at Covenant University. Visit Student Affairs Office for more information: PROVIDE LINK TO GET TO STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE
      iii. Paying your fees
      Paying your tuition fee is one of your first concerns. Tuition fees vary according to the program of study. A copy of the tuition breakdown would be sent to newly admitted students. Contact the Admission office on Fee payment and deadlines.